The International Mini/Junior Miss & Mister Europe

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Mini/Junior Miss & Mister EU/Elbe (open)

International pageant Mini/Junior Miss & Mister EU, Elbe (open) is held in the framework of International sports and creative festival of "Treasures of nations".

The motto of the contest: Great originates from the small.

Languages for communication: Czech, English, German, Russian, Italian, Ukrainian and Bulgarian.


Mini/Junior Miss & Mister EU, Elbe (open) is children and youth oriented pageant. It brings together representatives from many countries in ages 5-16 years old.


The aim of the pageant.

*Formation of the creative potential of the younger generation and to create real opportunities for the development of international contacts.

*Strengthening international ties of friendship and cooperation through the children's creativity.

*To form the mutual understanding between children and young people from different countries through the creative communication.