The International Mini/Junior Miss & Mister Europe

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Mini Miss & Mister EU, Elbe 2012 (open)

International pageant Mini Miss & Mister Elbe 2012 (open)


The13th Mini Miss & Mister Elbe 2012 (open) is held in the framework of International sports and creative festival of "Treasures of nations".

Mini Miss & Mister Elbe 2012 (open) pageant is for girls and boys in age 5-12 y.o.

It will be held in spring in the Czech Republic.

Age groups:

6-9 y.o. ,10-12 y.o.

Special group:
3-5 y.o.

The titles


Absolute Mini Miss Elbe 2012 – the overall winner in her age category

MiniMiss Elbe 2012 - winner in her age category

I. Mini Miss Elbe 2012

II. Mini Miss Elbe 2012

III. Mini Miss Elbe 2012


Absolute Mini Mister Elbe 2012 - the overall winner in his age category

MiniMister Elbe 2012 - winner in his age category

I. Mini Mister Elbe 2012

II. Mini Mister Elbe 2012

III. Mini Mister Elbe 2012

The other special ranks and titles

All the participants are awarded special titles, international certificates, tiaras and ribbons title as well as gifts and prizes.

 Note: Prizes are not exchanged and replaced with cash.

Competitive outcomes

1. Welcome – each of the participants comes on the stage in national costume of his/her country.  The entertainer introduces the participants.

The jury doesn’t assess national costume on the basis of ethical considerations.

2. Talent – the members show their talents in art, which they are most gifted in. The support required contestants to perform a task is permitted. Duration: max. 3 min.

Musical accompaniment: recording of a phonogram will be provided on a CD - ROM with perfect sound quality. Phonogramin MP-3 format and WMA are not accepted!

Each entry must be on separate media with the name of the product, ensemble or name of the performer and the exact time playing.
The jury evaluates:the level of performance, compliance performance with the participant’s age, the complexity, creativity and precision.

3. Runway show. Theme: "Jeans Kaleidoscope
Contestant demonstrates one model of fashion jeans. Model can be made by contestant as well as by professional designer.

Duration: up 30 sec.

Jury assesses: catwalk technique, aesthetics of theimage, correctness of the various movements, tracks, turns and poses for the expression of the semantic function shown by clothing, the internal rhythm and dynamics of posing, the ability to attract the viewer's attention not to the mannequin personality, but to clothes which the participant shows.

4. ShowCostumes. It is a home task.

A model can be made by the participant or created on her/his idea.

Duration: up 30 sec.

Jury draws attention to: the original idea and image, originality of material used in the model, the ability to attract the attention of the audience, the model choreography.
5. Final output in evening (dance)costumes.

It isn’t assessed by the jury. During this output participants are being awarded.