The International Mini/Junior Miss & Mister Europe

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Terms. Assessment. Ranks

Terms of fashion shows

Demonstration of the collections held under the musical soundtrack provided by the organizers.

Usage of own soundtrack from participant in any categories or groups is prohibited.

The organizer of Mini/Junior Catwalk Model of Earth 2011 requests all participants to order statements, to be correct in choosing fashion shows and incorporate themes of nominations.

The jury is entitled to appoint penalty points for violation of the rules.

Assessment of jury system

Evaluation is conducted on a ten-system from 1 to 10 points.

Winners are determined by the greatest number of points.

Jury evaluates in all groups and nominations the following catwalk skills:

- Catwalk technique

- Common style

- Compliance with posture and style

- The aesthetics of the image

- The correctness of the various movements, tracks, turns and poses for the expression of the semantic function shown by clothing

- The internal rhythm and dynamics of posing

- The ability to attract the viewer's attention not to the mannequin personality but to clothes which the participant shows.

- The commercial attractiveness of participant for fashion designers, manufacturers and advertisers.


In each age category and each nomination are determined:

* Participation Diplomas:

Mini Catwalk Model of Earth in 2011

Junior Catwalk Model of Earth 2011

* Winners Certificates (1st, 2nd, 3rd, place):

Best Mini Catwalk Model of Earth in 2011

Best Junior Catwalk Model of Earth 2011

*GRAND PRIX Certificates - for a participant in each age category who take part in all nominations.

Absolute Mini Catwalk Model of Earth in 2011

Absolute Junior Catwalk Model of Earth 2011