The International Mini/Junior Miss & Mister Europe

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To participate in Mini Miss & Mister EU, Elbe 2012

fill out and submit the Entry Form.

Entries will be accepted up to the 24th of January,2012


Mini Miss & Mister EU, Elbe 2012 (open)

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I agree to abide by the rules and regulations by signing this entry form.

I will abide by any and all guidelines. I fully understand that the Director, nor staff, neither facility where pageant will be held shall be liable for property damage, loss of property, or personal injury any time during or subsequent to the pageant. I will not hold the pageantor staff responsible for any accident, damages or losses incurred at the pageant or during transportation to and from the pageant. I agree that any fees paid are non- refundable. I give permission for my child’s picture or likeness and name to be used in press or website, and for the pageant for the purpose of promotion or advertising.                        

I also agree that any videos taken duringthe pageant may be used for advertising purposes.


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